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8 Must Try Gluten Free + Vegan Friendly Gold Coast Eats

Must try Gluten Free Vegan Eats Gold Coast

Gluten free vegan eating out can be a challenge sometimes. But with this list I hope it makes dining out on the Gold Coast (and Tweed Heads) an easier and more pleasurable experience for anyone with these dietary requirements.


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1. Cardamom Pod Broadbeach

Cardamom Pod - Waffles Cardamom Pod Mermaid Bowl Cardamom Pod - Waffles and Avocado Cardamom Pod - All Dishes Full

Weekend Breakfast Menu

Dog friendly (lots of outdoor seating)

I know what you’re thinking… that looks like a work of art! It also has the taste to match it. I am a waffle lover so of course I was going to order that. Icecream, pistachio crumb, mini vegan meringue… yes you read correctly VEGAN MERINGUE!!! I mean just look at it, wouldn’t you want that too?

If you prefer the smoothie breakfast bowl kinda scene then the Mermaid Bowl is definitely for you! Dan loved it so much he almost forgot to leave me some haha! It also featured the mini meringue bits and a gorgeous gluten free vegan granola. If sweet ain’t your thang then get your hands on their avocado smash to satisfy your savoury side (which you can have made vegan by taking out the haloumi). During the week these guys also have a great value spread available in their hot and cold cabinets.



2. Blendlove

Blendlove - Pancakes - Gluten Free Vegan Gold Coast Blendlove - Veggie burger - Gluten free vegan Gold Coast 1 Blendlove - All the food - gluten free vegan Gold Coast Blendlove - Smoothie with Ralph - gluten free vegan Gold Coast

100% Gluten Free + Vegan Lunch Menu

Dog friendly (lots of outdoor seating)

The first time I went here I got the pancakes (yep I love pancakes too). This time my new vegan friend Michelle (@run2food) and I got the Veggie burger. It was messy but still everything I hoped it would be. Dan went for the pancakes and when I had a taste they were even better than last time. The new gluten free vegan caramel sauce is sooo good! It’s not often that fries are gluten free so I got them as well. They came with a bomb diggity cashew aioli. Oh and I almost forgot the amazing choc cherry smoothie, I got it twice over the weekend. Smoothie heaven!




3. Greenhouse Canteen

Greenhouse Canteen - gluten free vegan gold coast Greenhouse Canteen - Parmigiana and Arancini - gluten free vegan Gold Coast

Small Eats Menu

Dog friendly (lots of outdoor seating)

Their slogan is “Cruelty Free & Killing It”, love your work guys! We ordered the vietnamese pancake and the jackfruit enchilada, but their small eats were definitely the highlight. Our favourites were the arancini, eggplant parmigiana and the zucchini flowers. Did I mention that everything on the menu was plant based and all items (except the ‘meatballs’) were gluten free vegan as well? This amazing place was recommended by fellow insta friend Kathryn (@smithychipz), thanks girly!




4. Marie Anita’s Gluten Free Café

Marie Anita's Gluten Free Cafe - Burger - Gluten free vegan Gold Coast

Burgers & Bread

Mermaid Beach
Dog friendly (limited outdoor seating)

Finding a full gluten free café is any celiac/gluten intolerant persons dream. Not having to worry about cross contamination provides a stress free dining experience. This place also makes their own yummy gluten free vegan bread which is hard to come by. We stopped by to get some on our way back to Brisbane, along with my favourite kombucha Magic Potion. When we dined at Marie Anita’s on our Burleigh weekend earlier this year I ordered the sweet potato, black bean, quinoa burger. It was scrumptious! Lots of their menu items are or can be made vegan too!




5. BSKT Cafe

BSKT - Falafel - Gluten Free vegan Gold Coast


Mermaid Beach
Dog friendly (lots of outdoor seating – front only)

Dan booked an Air Bnb at Mermaid Beach and we didn’t even realise that BSKT was right around the corner, literally! That was until my brother Cody met us for lunch there. Since going vegan this place hadn’t really been on my radar as I couldn’t remember there being many gluten free vegan options. But… as it turned out they have 2 of my favourite things, falafel and pancakes!! I tried the falafel this time but the pancakes are a must do for next time! Thanks to Cody for re-igniting the flame between BSKT and I!




6. Sera Bar

Srea Bar - Pancakes - Gluten free vegan Gold Coast


Burleigh Heads
Dog friendly (some outdoor seating)
I was stalking this place on Instagram a LOT before going here so we actually planned our Air Bnb stay to be nearby haha! I knew before we even arrived that the gluten free vegan pancakes were going to get into my belly that day. Crispy on the outside and fluffly on the inside, yummo! The staff were also really helpful in helping me choose a gluten free friendly take away treat!



7. Loki Café

Loki cafe - Burgers - Gluten Free Vegan Gold Coast

Burgers & Smoothies

Tweed Heads
Dog friendly (lots of outdoor seating)

Did you just say, gluten free vegan Whoppa? My lifelong friend Steph (and vegan inspiration) took us here with her gorgeous daughter. Smoothies, burgers and smiles were had by all that day. Loki certainly have taken vegan burgers to another level. Plus all their burgers can be gluten free by changing the bun. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a healthier alternative (and in my opinion a TASTIER version) of the McDonalds style burger then this place is for you!




8. Nude Sisters Whole Food Cafe

Nude Sisters - Green bowl - gluten free vegan Gold Coast Nude Sisters - Green Bowl and Ralph - gluten free vegan gold coast

Green Bowl

Mermaid Waters
Dog friendly (some outdoor seating)

Another recommendation from Steph was this cute café also near where we stayed in Mermaid Beach. I enjoyed the Green Bowl with extra greens (instead of tofu) while the kids had potato wedges and vegan aioli. I especially like that the hummus was not too garlicky (is that a word? Haha) and everything worked well together for a nourishing feed. Their nachos were gluten free vegan but I wasn’t feeling like those, so maybe next time!




Where to Next?


Cardamom Pod

Vegan Dinner Menu @ Brickworks

Southport (Brickworks on Ferry Road)

They have just launched a weekend vegan dinner menu. Unfortunately we didn’t get to try it this time but it will definitely be on our list for our next trip.



Want More Gluten Free Vegan Eats? Check these Maps



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