About Me

I have a passion for helping others live a healthier, happier life. I strive to do that by setting a good example and providing awesome resources to help people along their journey. I have personally been enjoying a whole food plant based lifestyle since May 2016. I believe in kindness and respect to all species and I feel that being vegan really encompasses that. Along my journey I have found resources online and social media very helpful and through this site I hope to give back to others in their plant based vegan journey.

I am a Personal Trainer and athlete (sprinter), currently studying Exercise and Nutrition at University of Queensland in Australia. Once I finish that degree I plan to pursue medicine, after which I would like to specialise in plant based nutrition as a prevention and intervention for cardiovascular disease.


Why did I go Vegan?

Kindness & Respect (to all species)
Health Benefits
Environmentally Sustainable

Kindness and respect are important qualities that I am constantly striving to improve. To me, veganism completely embraces that. I made the choice to follow this lifestyle after making the connection between the food on my plate and where it came from. To be more specific, I was eating duck and discussing with my partner why vegetarians chose their lifestyle. I am an animal lover and realised that I shouldn’t eat my friends. Since studying nutrition and understanding how our bodies use food I am also a big believer in a plant based lifestyle health benefits. Plus, I really love that by living way I am personally taking action to reduce my impact on the environment.


Why did I go Gluten Free?

After my Mum passed away in 2011 I was sick for many months. Doctors said that it was stress from the grief. I had gone from being a triathlete (training twice per day) to barely training at all due to being sick and exhausted all the time. Of course the impact of losing my Mum will have affected me in a big way, but I didn’t believe that it was all out of my control. I knew something else was wrong. I continued searching for a solution when I came across a naturopath who was able to do intolerance testing. I was feeling pretty desperate to feel normal again so I eliminated everything that came up from my diet. Gluten was the only thing that I haven’t been able to re-introduce since then. I found that out by accidentally having it through chips that were fried in oil that had been used with other gluten containing foods. I began has bad pains within an hour and was on the toilet for the next 24 hours.

I have had the blood test for celiac disease but it has come back negative. The next step would to be to have an endoscopy to rule it out completely. However, that means I have to eat gluten for 4-6 weeks prior. Um… no thanks. I don’t need a medical procedure to tell me I shouldn’t have gluten in my diet. Why would I do that to myself? So, due to my severe reaction to the smallest amount of gluten I live as strict as a celiac and still, to this day ask if the chips are fried in oil with their gluten containing foods.