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Gold Coast Gluten Free Vegan

When I first eliminated gluten from my diet I found it very challenging to eat out and even more so when I chose to go vegan. It was hard to find cafes and restaurants that catered for my dietary requirements. I didn’t just want to go to any old place. After all, if I am paying for a meal shouldn’t it be a superior quality than I could make myself? Instagram in particular was very helpful for finding yummy food places that fit the gluten free vegan brief, so in addition to my instagram I have created this map to help others in search of Gold Coast gluten free vegan friendly places to eat out.

This map is updated with new gluten free vegan friendly restaurants, cafes and takeaway options on the Gold Coast as I find them. If you have a suggestion or a correction please feel free to contact me. See pics from my latest Gold Coast gluten free vegan eats experiences via my instagram.

Keep in mind that menus are often changing with a new season so always check the cafe website for their current one. Before I go to a new place I ALWAYS check their menu for GF (gluten free) and V (vegan) options. When I see these labels on a menu it gives me confidence that my experience will be a relaxed and enjoyable one. Plus, I like to plan what I will order before I go somewhere too.

If you are a restaurant or cafe owner and would like to be featured on this map as being gluten free vegan friendly within the Gold Coast region please contact me.

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